1470 NM Diode Laser Machine

EndoDefine is a Laser Assisted Face & Body Sculpting platform with optic fibre. The EndoDefine 1470nm diode laser retracts the skin and eliminates localized adiposity from the facial and submental area.


The tightening and retracting properties of the 1470nm diode laser applied to facial contour remodelling has significantly increased interest in this technology, which allows an intervention without surgery, anesthesia, downtime and a bearable postoperative period.

The 1470nm diode laser -highly absorbed by water and fat- in addition to retracting and tightening the skin, when introduced by optical fibre, allows the liquefaction of small fatty deposits in facial areas while helping to generate new collagen naturally.

Laser Lifting technique with optic fibre for facial rejuvenation is carried out completely bloodless. The use of a fine-stemmed fibre (320 μm) with a frontal outlet and a 20º angle and a tiny puncture in the area to be treated, allows the treatment to be carried out comfortably.


How it works

The subcutaneous laser face sculpting or Endo sculpting technique allows minimally invasive procedures to be carried out. A 0.3mm puncture is made under the chin or earlobe, which allows the laser fibre to be inserted comfortably and adhere to the marked area.

The laser acts by liquifying the excess fat in localized areas while heating the deepest layer of the skin, the area where the fibroblasts that produce collagen are found, which leads to greater skin retraction. The results are immediately perceived by the patient and improve during the following months.

EndoDefine Benefits

Facial Skin Rejuvenation
Immediate Results
Targeted Fat Reduction
Little downtime
Subcutaneous fat reduction
Better skin retraction
Greater patient satisfaction
Less bruising or bleeding

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EndoDefine Treatment

IMMEDIATE RESULTS: The results with EndoDefine Laser are immediate, although the treated areas, due to the process of neocollagenesis by the laser, will continue to improve post treatment, providing greater turgidity and flexibility of the tissues in the long term.



EndoDefine Features

SMART POWER METER: External power meter to check the status of the fibre: useful to treat several areas of the same patient with the same fibre. The power meter also gives the information of the proper emission an performance of the diode.

PRE-SET MODES: Beginner and expert mode, a silhouette facilitates access to preprogrammed doses, but the surgeon can also adjust the parameters itself.

UPGRADES: Possibility of attaching a thermographic camera for comfortable viewing of the temperature map. EndoDefine can be upgraded for its profitability with a multi-application pack for percutaneous treatments such as face and legs telangiectasias, spider nevi, angiomas, hemangiomas, warts and venous lakes.

SMART INTERFACE: Status bar for an easy following of the procedure. Energy and time are very easily monitored. Friendly interface with pre-set parameters. EndoDefine has the minimal efficacy dose available by software which allows a beginner user to start with ease.

SAFETY TECHNOLOGY: IN-sensor technology: Essential security for beginners and added peace of mind for experts. During the surgical procedure, if the medical professional remain still, the laser will stop emitting avoiding any excessive heating of the tissue, restoring automatically when the movement of the cannula is restarted.

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