Milesman Blauman


The Blue Laser Technology Revolution


New to Aesthetics Solutions, Milesman Blauman uses Blue Laser Technology to remove skin lesions & imperfections in a robust, powerful & portable platform.


Pigmented Lesions

Blauman is the perfect laser to remove skin imperfections including nevi, seborrheic keratosis, age spots and much more in just one treatment.

Skin Tags

Blauman can also remove warts, fibroids, skin tags and other non-pigmented lesions such as cyst millet, sebaceus hyperplasias and sebaceous cysts.

Vascular Lesions

Blauman can also remove cherry angiomas and telangiectasias in just one treatment because blood is absorbed by the innovative blue laser technology.

Pain Free

Blauman Blue Laser does not absorb water, which allows the treatment to be carried out completely pain-free and without anaesthesia.


Because of Blauman Laser technology’s accuracy, any patient discomfort is reduced by up to 80% compared to similar treatment methods.

Before & After

This macroscopic photograph clearly reveals the outstanding difference before and after just one session with Blauman Blue Laser.



Blauman Applications





Milesman Blauman is the perfect laser to remove skin imperfections, penetrates very lightly into the skin and safely removes any kind of unwanted dermatological lesion.


Intuitive settings allow control of both power and shot duration while offering complete precision to ensure safe treatments without affecting surrounding tissue.


Without needing electric bistoury or cryogen, Blauman offers immediate results combined with a painless, accurate procedure covering multiple treatment applications.




Wavelength 450nm
Working Mode Pulsed / Continuous
Spot Size 0.3mm
Maximum Power 20W
Pulse Duration 1 to 900ms
Dimensions (Diameter) 25cm
Weight 2.2Kg