Brand Ambassadors

Introducing Our Esteemed Brand Ambassadors & Medical Advisors, diligently serving their communities with unparalleled care. Collaborating closely with them, we leverage their expertise in healthcare and wellbeing to enhance our offerings. Additionally, they graciously participate in our guest speaking engagements, sharing insights on how beauty and aesthetics harmonize to foster holistic wellness.




Dr Alison Elsey


Dr Elsey is an experienced GP based in Devon, with specialist interests in dermatology and women’s health.

Dr Elsey graduated from Imperial College London in 2005. She then undertook foundation training and subsequent GP training in the London area, completing general practice training in 2012. Her interest in dermatology started early in her GP career and she decided to pursue more advanced training in this area in the form of the postgraduate dermatology diploma at Queen Mary’s University, London, in 2012. Her commitment and dedication to this subject enabled her to achieve a distinction. She has experience in working in London, Australia and the South West of the UK. She now works in University Hospitals Plymouth dermatology department alongside her work as a GP.

Dr Elsey has also had extensive training in aesthetic medicine and has been working in this field for over 12 years. Her knowledge of skin health derived from her training in dermatology perfectly complements her acumen in cosmetic treatments. She can provide a holistic approach to cosmetic treatments and frequently advises on individually tailored skin care routines through to offering a range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments. She teaches to international audiences at aesthetic conferences.

While working in general practice, Dr Elsey noticed that care provided to woman suffering symptoms of menopause was not always of the highest standard. In order to improve this, she undertook further specialist training. She now provides this through the GP practices she works in but also in her private clinic. This private service is an exclusive and much needed clinic that offers individualised, advice & support for women with perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms.

Dr Elsey’s experienced, kind and compassionate approach to medical care makes her patients feel at ease and in safe hands across all of her professional roles.

Professional memberships:
  • Royal College of College of General Practice
  • British College of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Primary Care Dermatology Society
  • British Menopause Society




Dr Victoria Das


Victoria Operates a high rated medically led aesthetics clinic based in Walton On Thames, With over twelve years of experience within Facial Aesthetics and Dentistry and has trained with some leading experts in the field.

Victoria has a strong expertise in planning and executing treatments in both theatrical and commercial revenues linked to these industries. The unique combination of being a healthcare professional and a facial aesthetician has enabled her to work extensively with patients and clients alike in helping to provide a more mindful approach to anti-aging and has a keen eye allowing her to produce beautification in a natural art form.

She is enthusiastic individual with a passion for learning which can be seen with her regular updating and learning in the industry. She has trained an updated in all aesthetic treatments and enjoys using many machine based devices which she feels complements the prevention of the ageing process.

Her recent conquests has been achieving her Dermatology diploma and improving her skills using unltrasound with aesthetic treatments. Her passion for learning comes across in her teaching which she has acquired a teaching certificate. She regularly supports junior colleagues to develop their skills in a very humble manner.